Well So Could Anyone
Shocked, Shocked
Wag of the Finger
Comedy of Socks
Prague TV Screenings? - The Get-Psyched List
Play Now
Legendary. And You're Too Late
Fiction Collective Draft
TVTAD is Back!!
PSP2006 Blog - Electronics
Pay as you go Mobile for Prague
The Poor Ship
Opera at Western Michigan University (Workarounds for gowmu/wmich)
Big Whoop.
Why Opera Blogs Should Keep News Links and Commentary Seperate
Press Bias Like A Hole In The Head
Gone Fishin'
Optool 2.1 Released! - Sets Tongues Wagging
Mia Kirshner is supposed to be the new, Jewish, Charlotte Coleman
You Suck One Cock...
How Do You Want Me?
Holding Back The Tides
newfound catalysed regularity
spammers to go suck my kiss
Sharapova Getting Spanked - Tabitha - Opera McFlurry
The Inside: the fluttering flag over the fence
My Cousin Alex (Might Have) Designed the MRI Machines in House
Instructions (and Pictures) on How to Disassemble a Microsoft Mouse
Download Nigella Interview From NPR
when it comes to the eyepatch-jockey stuff - The Sky is Falling, Apparently
Glut of Preview Screeners For Fall TV
The Weekend In Opera
Towards a Better Version of Opera Composer
On The Fidelity of Status
Opera Users Shut Out of Mail
Microsoft Update (ie: not Windows Update) and @Max Tray Player
I should have been married to Mariah at 12
The Chills of Dave Gorman
It's not a bug, it's not a feature, it's... well, we don't actually give a damn, please go away
Ad-Blocking Will Kill The InterWeb, say FUD-spreading ad-fairies
The Inside - You Can Still Catch Up
Opera and Firefox Hold Hands and Skip - Crying Wolf and Rending Garments
Nigella on HIGNFY
The Holy Grail - IE Only Websites Lose Customers And Revenue - And Still No Mention of Opera
No Glove, No Love - Opera: The Online Prophylactic - Making Sweet Love to Secunia
Opera Editorial: Crimes, Misdemeanors, and Browser Statistics
Opera Blogs: it's got to at least work
Louis' Support Policies - Effective Immediately
Heidi-Ho - The Lovely Jewel Staite.
New TV Site That Works With Azureus' RSS Plugin
I Suppose It's That Simple - Opera 8 is Just Safer
The Descriptive Wonder of: The Inside's Second *Incredible* Episode
Straddling the InterWeb Like an Adonis - Opera 8
Opera Blogs gone Tits Up again
Browser attacks are the new black
Spread Oprah Fatigue
Remote P2P management appears to have moved on
Eyepatch Jockeys
TVTome is Dead - Sucks - Long Live
even if you tried
Pictures of "Artistic Value"
Dear Emily and Richard
E-Mail Etiquette - The Wonder of BCC
The Inside - Watch It - Fox, Weds 9/8c
3.17 - MT-Notifier
DiscHub - Does What it Says on the Tin - Economically Incentivised
OperaWatch's Link Feed - Acid 2 Conspiracy Deepens
Throw it out with the Trash - Opera turns a fumble into a Win
So Yes, Opera Told Porkies - That's Why You Don't Do A Big Thing Badly (or Stupidly)
And so you see - a Good Review of Opera is really not difficult - Boston Herald
And so that's why Opera builds aren't "Final" till it's announced on
That Band that Sucks Ass, (or to paraphrase) a Wailing Bag of Wank
Klipfolio, "Not Just An RSS Reader" - Co-existing with Opera
Dumping Klipfolio, Using Opera for RSS, Kelly Brook
The Aesthetics of Gesture
PCWorld: Opera Second String to Bushy Tailed Rodent
Opera Blogs on Hiatus
A Matter of Timing - More Security Complaints
Great Expectations
Ho Hum food, and the Worst Website *Ever*
Death to the Demoness Allegra Geller
Teaching the AP (and Opera) about English Grammar - and not to Hide, or to hide behind Security
We Win
watch, something
We're not dealing with Billy Idol
Free Antivirus (12 months) - Lowest System Resource Usage
Quite Spunky
Cancer in Rats
Opera: Won't Fuck Things Up Like Netscape Will
I'd imagine my fingers cramping up
One-eyed Mia Kirshner
Guess What
Is Any One Else Getting Bored? - Or: What Opera Bogglers (Perhaps) Should Avoid Writing About So Much - Any More
The Myth of "Good" Opera Reviews - Or Really, of Good Reviews
with a kind of cant, obviously
Their little drama - out of the island
The Inconsistent Hypocrisy of CNet's Review of Opera
Bleatney Looks Like She's Shooting Porn
How Am I Different - FireRodent (FireVole?) and the Jingoistic Rant
hackety mchack - And so wonderful news, Opera Blogs
Undeclared - Natalie Portman will have No Career
I Guess It's Not Difficult To Feel Guilty When You're an Ass
unfortunately still referential - Penultimate House
*Evil* Mia Kirshner
...who showed everyone her penis?
Proxo Simplified - Updated
Lesbian Time
Thumb-Sucking Bastards
Louis Now Has His Own Bittorrent Tracker!
Mena Suvari and Maura Tierney - And He Brings A Gun To School
Grypen's Filters for Proxomitron
Party For Peishan
maybe not so much for you with the talking
Very Much Like Aslan
SpelChek added
wanton insalubriousness
Lest We Forget.
A Very Silly Kind of Toss - Norwegian Government Does Opera a Favour: By Not Using Opera
The Lovely Thrust Monica Moore - Economist Totty
Incredibly Camp Symmetries
Firefox Worships an Awesome God - Opera - or: Hey, Look, A Wheel, Let's Go Discover It
Boo Hoo, I'm Too Stupid To Figure Out Web Accelerator
*Finally* - A Detailed Discussion About Opera Blogs
Mozzarella Software Riddled With Even More Holes
Mothers' Day Special
Forum Updating is *Fun*
Optool 2.1 Beta Leaked
Unofficial Opera Blogs Forum - Forum RSS Feed - Spamproofed Memberlist Page
Murder One and Igby Goes Down
Opera Blogs Unofficial FAQ - Opera Blogs Maintenance
Google Web Accelerator Just Exploiting ISPs' Local Cache? - Important Limitation for Bittorrent Users
Cloud Nine
The Punting of the Lark
I'm Just Saying, It's Not Wrong That This Should Make Me Smile And Be Happy
Jack and Bobby - That Was Seriously Cool
Opera Should Not "Lock In" RSS Feeds
Daily Show Spin-Off
Google Web Accelerator - Browse Ads Faster
Do *NOT* Tell Me Who Won The Snooker - I've Been Spamming For Bogglers (and you should be too)
Welcome The Fruits of Victory. (Yes, I'm Saying You're a Fruit)
"Victory is mine, victory is mine, great day in the morning people, victory is mine"
I Smell A Rat - 65 Hits in an Hour? - What's Going on With Opera Blogs' Stats?
The Month Ends On The 19th - I Wish Someone Had Made That Clear
Opera on Bittorrent - And P2P Generally - Tetchy Was Right, Opera *Is* Free
Fallingbeam Forums Re-Opened - Opera Bogglers Welcome - Unofficial Optool Forum
Deadwood Sabotaged on Bittorrent - 2x09 - Amalgamation And Capital (Part 1)
Serenity Trailer in HD - Eventually
And so I woke up and was subscribed with the New Left Review.
Oh Good God - It's Going Well Isn't It? - What Just Went Wrong, and Why
I Think He's Gonna Have to Swim Back - 2 Million Downloads - Mostly in English and German
Did I Win? Is it the "End of the Month" Yet?
startlingly like Acer notebook keyboards
Forum Funtime
So Easy I Could Spit - Special Hell Pah - The Lovely Emma Watson
Tetchy Tells All
Optool Screenshots and Testing Version Changelog
Optool Dev Asks For More Testers
The Roundabout Trackback
25 MegaBits Baby!
The Future of Opera Blogs - Why I Will Try To Stop Boggling About Opera So Much In The Coming Weeks
Numb3rs Needs To Get A Fucking Brain
Optool 2.1 Ready For Testing "In A Week or So"
Boggling With Opera - Part I: The State of Boggling - Free and Paid Boggling Services/Software
Read Opera Blogs in Full-Text
Who Knew Haavard Was So Baby Faced
No. 1 Wireless Campus in US Gets Opera - How to Get Free Licenses From Your School
Firefox Fanboys Ignore the Bad News in the Stats - Firefox Market Gains Slowing
Apple's Evil Safari, Poor Coding - KHTML Devs Left Stranded
The Acid 2 Compliant Browser For Windows - And Why Safari's Figures Might Be Fiddled
Muck-Raker Uses Opera - Hoorah.
Argh (or Good Grief) - Who Made Him Headmaster? - Berit Hansen Responds to OperaWatch
*gasp* You Can Mute Sound From Flash?!?!? - Proclaiming that You *Hate* Standards
Bog Crappy (I'm Just a Punningly Scatalogical Machine Am I Not?) - The Obsolescence that is "Browse Happy"
Microsoft Executives' Secret Water-Sports in "Lake Bill"
Let's Go On a Witch-Hunt For Opera Employees - A Response to OperaWatch's Editorial
Tetchy's Dunking Wasn't in Vain - US Welcomes Free Version of Opera
Acid 2 Passed - Which Browser Did It First? - It's Not Opera
Wrap Up of Bits I Never Got Around to Finishing
Boss-Man Tell Me - Tetchy Tells All - Opera CEO Issues Challenge: Spam the Fuck Out of Me to Prove How Good M2's Filters Are
Boggling With Opera - Introduction: Can I be an Opera Boggler Too?
The Miracle that is the Hotclick - The Wonder that is Ctrl-D - George Harrison
Surely There Are More Oprah Bogglers Out There? - The Puzzling Absence of Some Prominent Opera Personalities
Favicons Getting Restless?
Database-Based E-mail Gets a Boost
Turns Out I Was Wrong About Safari
Amy Heckerling and Amy Adams - Hell Adjusts the Thermostat - The Office is Such Cack
I Am a Sad Sad Little Man
I Don't Know Why My Posts Are Being Re-Posted on Opera Blogs
Smooth Upgrade to MT 3.16
The Linguistic Makeup of Opera Users
The one thing that Firefox does better than Opera, and why Opera can't/won't do anything about it
What Happened to Oprah 1.0? - Chicken Suits and Freedonia
WebMail is for Intellectual Midgets
Best UI Intro *Ever* - nontroppo's Wonderful World of Visual Tutorials
Post Roundup for Opera Blogs - The Cunning Plan Behind Acid 2
I Love That You Have To Pay Money For Opera
Cohones, Balls, Testicles - Bollocks More Like - Cocoa in a Teabag - Tetchy Goes Swimming
Haavard the Bitch-Slapping - You Go Girlfriend
Calm The Fuck Down - Why Nothing Has Really Changed With Opera 8
Peace In Our Time - Browser Wars, or: We Don't Want No Cuckoo Clock
The 5 Day News Cycle - Improvements/Suggestions for "Opera Blogs"
The Erotics of Experience - Reply to Asa Dotzler
What is a Browser? - Reaching out to people who don't know what a browser is, apparently
The Unfair Impression of Bloat
"Switchers" Left Behind - Simplicity - Newbies: Fanboys Go To Bed, Would You Please
We Are Not The Press - Opera Bogglers Get More Punchy - A Reply to LSR - Camp "Mascot"
Next Time I'm Going to Banana Leaf
Flat Tax and The Myth of Cheap Chinese Labour
*sigh* - A Nokia 6630 Actually Sounds Pretty Cool
Teaching the Greens to Love the Green
You Do Realise You're Boggling About an Opera Press Release, Right?
Twenty Thousand Streets Under The Sky
Billie Piper on Parkinson
TVTorrents Closed
Why I Might Ever Use Opera's RSS Reader - Instead of Klipfolio
Opera's Second Day Story - ie Their Marketing Department's Been Watching The West Wing (Or Something)
My Deep Regard for Mariah
Like Flies to Wanton Boys
Fuck Me - Bittorrent Sites Listed on Wikipedia
That Episode of 2.5 Men Was So Funny...
A Measure of Clutter
Super-Opera to the Rescue
Blind Bochco Justice - West Wing is Best
I Heart House - that strange confluence of events
(Muthu's?) Curry Night
University Challenge Totty
List of things to call dibs on before Louis fucks off
The Huge Renaissance That is BBC Digital
Then, Drenched in Sweat, Awake - My Grandfather the Dead Pope
Grey's Anatomy - Masturbation is usually done alone for a reason - L-Chunky
New MSN Video Codec - MSN 7 - Uber-Patch
PopWorld - Concrete Cow - Miquita Oliver
The Hand Slid Up - Pleasureland
Upon a Thread
Maybe Baby - Melinda and Melinda/FF Trailer - Virtual Sexuality
The Tribe
MSN 7 Released - Everyone *Please* Install It
The Troubadour in American Network Television
Luvvie Without Being Annoying - Lesbians
Ione Skye and Alan Tudyk - Smokers are People Too - Sketch Show Lame
Grey's Anatomy - Oh Fuck Me.
Recording Real Streams
The Familial Expression of Civil Disobedience
If you saw some silly fucker in Burger King pissing himself
Brideshead - the House of Blind Justice Sticks
La Forza Del Destino
Tree-Hugging Hippie Crap
It's the Static, not the Waves
the great romance of the 20th century
Grey's Anatomy Pilot
Swansong - LAX, Medical Investigation - Life On A Stick and Sucking
How To Link Back To Here, Because So Many People Do.
Search Blues - Opera, MSN, Yahoo, Google - The Importance of Width
To See If I Can Make It Not Ugly
I fart puckabees (what do you want from me?)
Oh My God Is There No Escape From Countdown
"the office" - absolutely gut-wrenchingly motherfuckingly assholerippingly bitchfacedly awful
Appears Very Deliberate
Chicken Chop Fried Rice @ Shaw Towers Food Court
The 3-Headed Monster's Back
TypeKey Registration
They're Going to Make Bartlett Vice-President
The Way I'm Most Comfortable With
Hands Wringing
Isn't House Wonderful? - I underestimate Rena Sofer's appeal
Generation - Button, Mail - Wordpress
Omnibus, With Lesbians - Go Down - Opera Search
Fiona Apple - Extraordinary Machine Released Now Online - Get It Here
Mahjong Night - Thursday 24th, Day Before Good Friday
Not Quite as Bad as Dialectic
Let the Mahjong Commence!!
How Incredibly Not Worth It is That Crappy-Ass Email Service?
Opera's Nobody's Bitch
The Factual Thing Itself
Louis' Definitive Guide to Buying CDR - Idiot-Proof Version
Tempting Fate
House - Rescued from CSI
Bittorrent Sites after Suprnova/Lokitorrent
Soon to be Superceded by the new PowerMac - The President's Voice
To Which Belong Her - Jennifer Connelly in Career Oppurtunities
Lesbians on a Sunday
Whipping Cocks is Coldplay
You're So Fucking Special
China, Taiwan, All Your Base Are Belong To Us - and The Arbiter of All Meaning
Sketch Show Doesn't Suck
Straits Times Protects the World... From Having to Read The Straits Times
The Giant Sucking Sound that is Broadvoice
And Love Her
Pyramid Aliens Selling Time-Share
Dan and Casey's Dance Fever
Troubleshooting Narrative
Without The Rough Boys
Titties and Beer
Strangers When We Meet - Whoever You Want Me To Be
How Much Do You Love Me
Customised Google News - No Sniffing, No Wowing
Laundry Day - It's an Allusion to a Bus
Sermons in Stones, Books in the Running Brooks
Where's Heat When You Need It?
Not As Good As Puppet Angel - Talia Balsam
Billie's Pregnant, Stop Being Such a Lez - John Stewart and Momma Stewart
Mahjong and Monitors, Suede and dEUS
Deadwood Season 2 Premiere
Amy Acker and David Mamet
Blind Justice Pilot - Revolves Around
Chica Vampire Piper Mugsy Ward
I Am Not A Blog
Mind 'Boggling'
Mariah's New Video - It's Like That
Blog Explosion
An Old Flame With a New Wick
Sometimes God does good work too
The Economist - Medicaid Budget Reform, Medicare
Women Women and Men Women - Loopier than the Cereal
It's Maple Maple Maaa-ple-licious.
Google Increasingly Irrelevant
The World's Smallest Violin - The Gates of Hell
Hack Me
Now he's just screwin' with me
I'm a Fool to do Your Dirty Work
Fate Telling Me
Feeds Feeds Feeds - How to add Useless Crap to clutter up your sidebar
China Power - - BritWhere?
Save Estro-jen
Lone Quest for the Grail Wolf - 23
The Party of Abortion - But Not Every Day
Gah, Trackback
Cop Coach
Create New Entry
Mariah's New Album - Inlay Picture - Mugsy
Grey's Anatomy - Katherine Heigl
All friends shall taste/ The wages of their virtue, and all foes/ The cup of their deservings.
Pimpy McPimp
That One Thing
Who Reads This Crap?
MSN Messenger - Charlie Sheen getting Divorced - Post Roundup
"When You In It, You In It"
Got Krista Allen?
No One Expects the Fantastic Four
And so of course
Worst Tau Sar Pneah *Ever*
Higher Love - Economist Special Report on Higher Education
Screen - Personal Jesus
Shade of Winter
Hacking ICQ/ICQ Lite - Getting rid of the Banner Ads
Bandwidth Left
Ball, Get It?
Distraught Chasing House - Terse Bughumming
What Have You Been
Who Needs to Go to Sim Lim - Monitor Shopping
Heather Graham's Back on Scrubs!!!
Do you think Invisible Hands get RSI?
Opera Customised Search.ini - Tutorial
And Melora Walters
Doing a Line - Girls Rock
Anna Paquin in Steamboy
Freaktown Bites - Tin-Foil Hat
Proxomitron Made Simple/Idiot-Proof - Advanced Ad-Blocking
Do Something
Broadvoice Sucks - Sometimes | Broadvoice vs. Skype | Vonage?
They Purposely Named it 'Lap Dance' Didn't They? - My Full Meaning
Same(ish) - Peering through the ambulance window
Parabolic has more than one meaning
Advertising Flurry
Borg Queen, Mom, Weasel - Sabrina Lloyd's so Lovely
Amy Adams in a Fat Suit
Her Boyfriend's a Dick, and He Brings a Gun to School
Slashdot says so
Headline Challenge
Category Feeds
Hot White Cum
Fanboy Heaven
The Blonde One Looked Like Buffy
The Gates, get it?
Eager but could be better - pachinko
Groupies, Heather Locklear, Amy Adams
The Geeks, the Stoners, The Plastics - Scrub Me
Michelle Branch is married!! And having a baby!!
Smack Smack Smack - Opera 8 beta 2
Muahahaha, Me-sa Evil....
Yes, I know it's Parminder Nagra
*ahem* Project Gutenberg
Finally Defrag, Gay Marissa
Blonde Doctor
Bottom Up
Christina Ricci, Elsie Snuffin, like throwing a stick
It's spelt centre.
McDonalds v. Burger King v. Pancake House
Definitive Posts
Most Annoying Banner Ad *Ever*
House probably deserves a longer entry, but let this be a lesson to you
Instead of doing anything else
Tell me my LCD is worth buying
In praise of MBA's?
You make an upside down V with your hands.
I'm so full of crap
Everything Sucks
Gallows Pole
News, Articles.
Watching the Prize
Mac-Loving Fanboy Freaks
RSS Freedom
Mal, Bad, in the Latin
Back Word
Nasi Lemak: East West
Desperate Housewives and the Sucking of Ass
Okay with the Dancing already.
Down by the Grapevine
The Song is Called Sweet Blindness
Google Adsense
Becks Dark
Like Nipples
Pinned Entries!! (Short tutorial included)
So he really is Irish
Would You Be My Heroine
I Don't Know Much
Ah hah!
Agatha Christie Freaks Unite
Open Thread
Rip Angel
Naughty Starhub
Eric Rice, AudioBlog, PodCasting and FeedBurner
While Watching
Klip Updating Fixed
Pin, LCD for sale
Curry Night
No Wonder Sabrina Lloyd
Firefox CSS ad-blocking
Fictional State
Sygate Begone.
Aztec, Two-Step, Turandot
Die Mac Mini, Die.
MSN Messenger Beta
MPAA FUD-spreading liars: who knew?
My Wedding Day
Totem: Drink my daddy's wine
Slashdot: Opera Fastest Browser
RSS and Economist
Very Not Laura Nyro
Wedding Bell Blues
Bang the Gong
Bite The Drama
Louis got pwn3d
Call for Help
It's spelt with an E
The Doors
Castles of Sand
SOTU Taunting
Gryphon House
Pretty flowers
Peep Show
I Have Lava in my Smurf-Crease
Louis bought a TV!!
Do Laundry
No Heavy Lifting
You See, It's a Two Part Plan
Acrobat 7: Nice warez if you can get it
Opera 8 Beta 1!!
Symrin and Martin Wainright
The Invisible Hand
So *that's* what Kad's good for
I Can't Believe I'm Watching WetBoy
comma the
Nightswimming, Deserves a quiet night.
All over the place
Ideas for CASE
Sennheiser PX 100
Buy the Cow on Special Edition DVD
KlipFolio On A Stick
Gay Marriage Now
All Your Base Are Belong To Us
The Invisible Hand
If I Can't Smurf for My Porn, I'm Going to Take a Nap.
Cool Filter thing :)
Notice to People who email me
M1 Sends Spam
Klipfolio 2.6
Intellimouse 5.2 Sucks Ass: Program Specific Farce Revisited
Opera Needs to Step Up
Mad Props
It's all about perversity
Poor Alan Tudyk
When the facts change...
I'd feel silly putting the title of the film here
What I'll do to Watch Michelle Trachtenberg
Mad Skilz
In the Zone
Everything Sucks, Denmark, and tapping
Where Are We Going
Sometimes you just stand there, hip-deep in pie
Miss it, miss it, miss it
Shoe Money Tonite
Sports Night, Dead Like Me
Like Me
Beta Time
This Is The End
Overnet 0.53 Point Upgrade Goodness
Buffy on Xbox
Opera 7.5 Preview 4
Tim Minear
And. So.
No Man's Woman
In, the, darkest place...
Spartan Backflip
Jonathan Rosenbaum
I h8 txtng
Joan of Arcadia can BITE ME
Christian Rock (I'm Careless, I Believe)
Let's Protest Globalisation
Wing Man
Storyteller West Wing Sty-lee
Disaster Relief
A Flop
Let's Vote for the Smart One - Bush.
Life in the Special Hell
Wonderfalls, Into My Arms
Blow Wind Blow
Happiness is a Warm Gun
Dark Pony Death
Paul Smith
For Andrew (Come get Firefly)
I Can't Help You Baby
The End of Satire
Economist Roundup
Lost in Space
More Gripes
Panic and Grit
Echo West
Mmm... Soup...
So You Want to Buy an Averatec Notebook
West Wing Season 5
The Sitch
The O.C.
Shoutz Out
The Rest
Let's Photograph a Barn
The Overnet Mystery
Overnet and RDF
Public Dialogue
Opera 7.5 Preview 1
Firefly and Klipfolio
What's Happening To Me
Steel Tariffs
Everyone should buy Sleeper
Happy Happy Joy Joy
What's Next?
Not Ready Steady Cook
Dean for America
Bonnie and Clyde
I'm Being Repressed
The Women of Qumar
Star Trek: Enterprise
Tara Reid
Fluff, get it?
If the Inquirer hires me I'm going to soil myself
Piracy's Bad Mmkay...
Louis has a webcam
Longhorn 4051 Leaked
Legacy Radio
Tell the Truth
Oh Microsoft, let me count the ways.
Does Microsoft want to be a true leader?
Mahatir is the least of the world's worries
I Hate Microsoft/Longhorn
It's your refresh rate Su-lin
Antivirus and Firewalls are Good (If you're High and Don't Know Shit)
Whoopty Doo
Here She Comes Again
Hi, My Computer's Named Annie, and...
Alizee and Overnet
The Great Masters of Trash (Dorothy Sayers)
I Take It All Back
Naughty X-Men
Back to the Donkey
Yes Su-lin, Like a Fish
Overnet First Impressions
New Favorite Opera Skin
Why "Old School" Microsoft Mice and Keyboards are the best
Hardware Reviews
When The Facts Change, I Change My Mind
Subtitles (Finally)
Jackie's Strength
Emergency Mahjong
Inquirer dispels myths
David Coursey
Ha ha
Naughty Su-lin
Donkey and Mule
"Do you want anything from the States?"
Day 1
Mom-Proof Opera Guide
Economist on Blogs
Fastmail, Power Outage and Typepad update
Urgent Security Update: MSBlaster Worm
Throwing Muses
CD "Copy Protection"
ICQ Lite
Remove ICQ ads and another keyboard
Opera Fanboy
Notes to Myself
Intellectual Midget on Film Theory
Room 101
Opera Fanboy
Traffic,, Opera and Rant Rant Rant
RJC GP Teacher Movie Clip Dowload
Clean Install
Too tired for a Title
Computer Stuff Update
Potter Malarkey
And I thought Byatt was full of tripe
(Reactions to) Other Peoples' Blogs
Wilde, Spinal Tap and Liz
Liz Phair and Bitching
Ari Fleischer
Lovely Su-Lin, and Naughty Clarissa
Messenger Spam
Front Page Changes
My Stuff Came
RAM and Video Editing
SMTP, Site Plans, 'In A Lonely Place'
US Customs
Igby Goes Down
When Things Happen
My Organ of Veneration (and other bits and bobs)
Doing stuff
Starred firsts.
Media things
Browser Stuff
Alone in York
What happens in Holland
What did Louis get for his degree?
They're... all... Dutch???
I Bought CDs
Packed and Moved
Louis and Manual Cars/Karen's stuff
Claire Sighting and other things
Steve Jobs my Hero
Dion the Dude, more Wimbledon
CD/DVD recording and viewing software
Packing stuff
Dion bought a car
Site Plans
Sorry Su-Lin
Hail Hail
Su-Lin's Blog
Surprise in the forums
New Opera Skins and MSN Messenger
What to do...
Remember to do Work
CSS is good, and TOC's
Old blog still alive
It's late
More Content, Looks Prettier
Ask the man
Styles at last
Just to be Official about
Reminder to Self
What I Intend to do to Su-Lin's Comp.
Su-Lin's Dire Struggle
Categories and Announcements
The First
Need to put in pages
I've spent most of the
I'm a bit cheesed off
I've moved my site, not
Hmm... found a link on
I've actually gotten a number
Rather impressed by a pretty
So far this place seems
I'm thinking of purchasing a
Peishan's been rather naughty in
Just found a fantastic site
Okay, think I should find
Hmm. Can't seem to get
Hoorah, now I have a
Huh, trying to edit my
I've actually added a Site
Hmm... trawling through the Opera
Oh my god, this stupid
Hmm, maybe I'll have to
Feeling incredibly dissolute for not
Oh my god Microsoft makes
Very happy to hear the
Someone's been naughty and bought
Clever open source people who
Now if only they'd detect
I'm just now very very
Installing Linux is one of
Lovely having a blog to
Wish I had some Soundgarden
It's so nice writing to
Poke me with a fork.
I'm done, woo hoo. --------
Beginning to realise that the
If anyone knew of or
A bunch of articles, probably
I just posted this on
I got my picture on
I'm seriously considering shutting down
I look forward to the
Everyone should marvel at the
Wondering about the status of
Just on a side note,
This is taken from a
CDR's came. Woke up after
It's all about drugs. It's
Oh and I figured out
I just need to write,
Woke up and recieved an
Looking forward to watching Michael
Apparently people are finding my
Just feel like typing. Lowered
Have just spent the entire
Found a lovely new mail
Really must start writing again,
Of all the things people
Oscar night, nice to have
Hello. Now I'm not sure
Been watching Bangles videos again.
This is an e-mail that
I figure I should do
I feel really paralysed by
Ah, the Economist. You need
This is what I love
Hmm... Seems as if my
Now that I'm sure people
Just found the quote I
Can't remember what I was
Just uninstalled Norton Antivirus and
Someone or somehow, my stuff
I've got to return alot
Nothing like a good awards
When you fuck it up
A bit annoyed that I'm
This is pretty much a
I've moved back to Internet
I've just finished watching 7
What is my fixation with
How fantastic to type this
Fuck me it can get
Kazaa is a miraculous thing.
Turns out that I didn't
So not only have I
Been very involved in my
I suppose I'm still reeling
I wonder whether Woody Allen
Someone should invent headphones, and
More people in need to
I'm just finding writing now
Must say the scrolling in
Oh yeah, I suppose I
Bizarre night last night. Had
Well my eyes didn't pop
Still feeling depressed, have just
Fuck me, it's really snowing
I'm really sick of doing
Don't really feel like doing
In order to be disappointing
Been in a flurry of
I've at least started thinking
Why is being desperately unhappy
Another thing about this blog
Don't know how happy I
It's gotten to the point
This is a bit extreme,
Sent invitations to Tim and
Peishan has rather cleverly pointed
Having unleashed Peishan on my
I've just added my e-mail
I've just changed a few
I have returned (cereal in
I've decided to begin my