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July 10, 2003

My Organ of Veneration (and other bits and bobs)

I can feel my Organ of Veneration acting up again. Su-lin's blog is quite engaging. For those that have not found the wonders of it, her blog is here. I'll probably but a permanent link to it sometime. But yes, I like the story about her skiving sister which you can find here. At the time of posting it was the most recent entry. Nice, charming, engaging - and at points revealing a kind of depth of feeling in tandem with a sentimental attachment to family - which even for her is ever so ambivalent.

I have two rather distinct ways of thinking of sentimentality but hopefully the import of the word itself is allowed to be dependant on context rather than rigid meaning/association. But then I probably prize ambivalence too much for anything so clear - helpful huh?

It'd be nice to think that I have a Great Story to tell, and that one day I will find a way to write it. But then I feel the need to just get Any Story down on paper, lest greatness never materialises.

Tried calling Cari, shall try to leave my TV with Ve-Yin for her to pick up - hopefully Jason's coming down with her, so they won't have too much trouble with it all.

Hmm... still resentful? Oh Yeah Baby. Motherfuckers.

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