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March 9, 2005


I have to admit, the livebookmarks feature in Firefox is pretty cool - it lets you bookmark the automatically detected RSS feed you've found and view the headlines in a bookmark folder. Opera should do that. In case you haven't noticed, Louis has been incredibly bitchcakes for at least a day or so - I've becomes obsessed with traffic - but I've resolved to calm down and deal with it. I think I've tweaked the sidebar quite enough so that I won't fiddle with it for at least a day or so.

My ad clicks seem to have disappeared, so that means it was my fiends being curious - or someone who's lost their poor interweb cherry to the hunger of adsense. At some point I'll stop talking about my obsession with things you do thing with like nipples - and write about something vaguely interesting - as is my wont.

The construction outside my door is progressing - there are now doors to the lift area, and there's a little balcony with a railing to fall off of while you figure out that the chute is there.

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