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May 2, 2005

So Easy I Could Spit - Special Hell Pah - The Lovely Emma Watson

emma.jpgIsn't Emma Watson lovely? You can find more pictures, as well as more recent ones, at Yahoo, though this is the most fetching of the recent ones.

Special Hell pah. I'm basically doing this to use my newfound powers of aligning pictures so text can flow around it. I'd always wondered how, but it's so easy I could spit.

I should take this chance to point out that the recent innovations on the site are due to me realising moving to WordPress might be more annoying than I'd think, and porting some of what attracted me to WordPress back into MT. Not bad if I do say so myself. I'm particularly happy with the framing of the pictures (stolen, actually, from Boggler.com) and the new blockquote styling.

emma2.jpgThe archive link (also under Archives on the sidebar) isn't as cool as WordPress', but more useful than some. Oh, and posts now announce which category they belong to. And after all, viewing long category pages is better than having to click-trawl.

Yeah, the problem with the picture then is that there has to be enough text to flow around it, even at 1280 and above, if not it looks unsightly with the picture peeking out the bottom past the margin.

A Thousand Oceans.

Oh, I could be mistaken, but it looks as if MessageCast, where you can get updates from this site via MSN Messenger, has gotten rid of its awful frames. Every reason to use it now then.

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