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March 27, 2005

I fart puckabees (what do you want from me?)

And so much biting. Naomi Watts is lovely. And she's good. She either gets the better lines, or she just does them better. Film is an absolute load of annoying me. Another strand of american masturbation that makes me wish I owned a baseball bat. But really Naomi Watts seems to be able to really carry off that very deft being of faffy and sincere. Nice lookin' too. Have I said it's annoying? Granted the activism is meant to be more or less peripheral, but there's this mallet and tongs and a sign that hits you on the head.

It's just disappointing that smart intellectual people seem absolutely incapable of getting out of their political lockstep - from Tracey Emin to Morrissey, it's all blah blah blag blag, no nuance, no complexity, just justification and buttress like a tree. It's like an inability to think, encouraged by this bent educational echo chamber. I look forward to shouting.

For whatever reason, webcam is broken in the latest leaked builds of MSN.

It appears to have something to do with scrolling in IE while video is playing - I think I shall disable smooth scrolling and remove IE from my list of optool browsers.

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