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June 23, 2003


I'm feeling sombre. That fucking bitch Yu-wen probably has something to do with it. :P If she ever reads this, ah well, who cares. Louis likes to burn bridges, not that there was much of a bridge to burn anyway.

I know I'm an ass in so many ways, well, in a lot of ways, but at least I know that I always try to make thing better between myself and other people. The martyrdom involved no doubt is part of the appeal, but then I always feel very earnest doing it. Is that too cryptic? Sucks huh?

I mean, fine, you fuck things up and you know it, boo hoo. But trying to be nice and being ignored? Yahtzee...

Delwyn was right, the new guys this year lack drama. But I suppose the rest of us make up for it.

Feeling a swell of sympathy for Spong right now, knowing that Kuan Ming probably fucked him over in Cambridge. That's not right. I'm crying me a river right now.

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