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January 29, 2003

In order to be disappointing

In order to be disappointing as well as to distract myself, I will not talk about my Norse essay that weighs so heavily on my mind. Instead I will talk about the release of Opera 7.

But before that I'm struck by the need to talk about this american girl in my Fiction and Narrative class. I suppose my initial reaction to her was, "oh my she's hot". Subsequently of course as some will know this was replaced by a certain level at which I tolerated her for being flaky in class - not talking about the subject at hand, jumping from point to point for no reason, waffling on about something she knows very little about - basically being really annoying. I say tolerate, but what I actually do is go around bad mouthing her to all and sundry, "blah blah, she's so annoying, blah blah she deserves to be shot, blah blah, I want to slap her silly". I think I've come to realise that I was doing what I do so often (which I assume to be really such a MALE reaction) was dissociating my rather obvious attraction to her. I don't think as a nett effect her actually being annoying has managed to counteract that attraction. It's gotten to the extent where I wasn't just thinking of her as annoying and actually rather fancying her but in my mind accusing Richard Walsh of being rather attracted to her. I suppose I'm not at all surprised (least of all at the fact that this is me) but it really is rather bizarre. I must say though that in the end it really is true that once you get to know someone personally (and not just publically as she speaks during seminar) that things really change. It was when we were having coffee with Richard Walsh during the break that she asked about getting contemporary plays (directed at Richard of course) that I just thought to myself - "yeah, whatever". Whether this is just another strategy of mine that will succeed in amusing me further we'll just have to see.

Honestly (as far as I'm not again decieving myself in that rather startlingly unconscious way) I'm more inclined to be friendly with Johnny, who I knew in my first term, when he was in Ulrika's seminar group. I don't know why, but I've always thought of him as being rather more friendly than the rest of them, most likely because he is. That said, my presentation group is also remarkably nice, with Matthew being quite a bit more open despite an earlier retiscence, and Hepsie just being nice and soft spoken, sort of a sweeter (ie less sharp) version of Tara (who was in my American Lit course). I told Tara the joke from Rules of Attraction about subtitles before seminar one day, which I'm not quite sure she quite appreciated, but she's quite nice anyway.

Okay, back to Opera 7. I'm disappointed. I participated in their rather drawn out beta process, expecting it to be an enjoyable one, having access to new functionality, which would make up for the bugginess of the betas. It now looks like I'll have to endure it with the "final" release as well. The most annoying bug isn't fixed, where the clicking on folders from the personal bar leads to a drag and drop effect. Annoying. And they've made the horrible decision of getting rid of the functionality in Opera 6 of allowing "SDI", which, with the implementation of the page bar, meant that you had the best of both worlds, the ability to use tabs, but still being able to seperate them into various windows. I was hoping they'd change this after beta 2 but they haven't, pissing me off. If you have no idea what the fuck I'm talking about, you can find more info at the Opera website. That said, the browser itself is quite nice, and is just more usable/responsive than mozilla derivatives. I suspect that having too many bookmarks, or simply just having an imported bookmark file causes problems with opening new windows, but I can't be sure. I am going to resist the urge to download Phoenix again, because that will just disappoint me further. (is smooth scrolling really too much to ask for?)

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