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March 2, 2005

Distraught Chasing House - Terse Bughumming

Hey, it's Tracy Middendorf on House, I wonder if she's going to be distraught. I mean I'm sure people are sick of her doing that, she's only done it in Angel, Alias, Medical Investigation, so this time I'm sure it'll be different and she'll be happy and skippy and do pretty things.

She's very clearly graduated to doing mom roles though. Something about her feels very Spooks. I'm sure her presence is pretty significant, as well since if I'm not wrong this would have been the finale of the 13 episode order - though Detox had the feel of a bookend episode.

I won't go on too much about Fox messing with running schedules, since from the way they pick them, they can clearly tell which are the better episodes, but you'd have though if they were going to be so naughty they'd have tried to be naughty more pre-emptively.

I'm sure if it was my Vicodin, I'd talk to it so lovingly. Hey daddy. So yes, give characters big story lines in chunks, so the audience doesn't have to flit too much. Is it really that transparent a strategy? Apparently words can hurt. In many ways a template episode, charted progression, but if nothing else the better actors seems to do well - Chase drama is really fun. Fits in with the topping off episo-pothesis. Calcutta General. House's not so secret fetish is drama? Would explain the soap. How could one not like how RSL's turned out as comic straight guy? Foils. Philips machine appears to be gone.

Well, not *so* distraught, just concern really. Close, but no wafer. Kick during naptime. I just like knowing stuff. Did they bring him on *just* so he could ape an aussie soap?

Gilmore Girls: Blah. Logan is so mugsy. No Paris. Humbug.

All of this begs the question. Who reads this crap? Homelesschange.com. Apparently House isn't the only one that insists on character consistency - or perhaps just getting rid of the actor.

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