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January 23, 2003

Another thing about this blog

Another thing about this blog is the fact that it doesn't really follow my "days", since I slept last night at about 4am and just woke up at about 1pm. Buggy.

When I wake up basically I just get up and check my e-mail, go to my news sites. Apparently news is the new porn. Well actually I woke up to watching Cheers, which is pleasant enough. I started watching Cheers only really from last year when I got the TV, and was inexplicably free in the afternoons. It's strangely appealing as afternoon TV. They're showing I think earlier seasons, when the blonde woman and the coach are still around; things you learn from watching E! true hollywood stories. I had a dream about the Supergrass concert, the highlight of which was the fact we forgot to pick Clarissa up, so she had to pay for another ticket to get in. Had just been telling Terry yesterday that I don't really have vivid dreams anymore, but I suppose I'm just quite awful at remembering them since they don't tend to recur that much. I remember a reference to Antwone Fisher, which I know is a movie, but I can't even remember what it's about, much less why I'm having a dream about it. The only things I did tell Terry about were the fact that I tend to have these dreams when I'm not sleeping well, esp when I sleep lazy naps in the afternoons.

The most vivid of dreams I used to have occured when I was still getting really high fevers, probably till around late primary school, when I'd have dreams of fantastic medieval battles in extreme slow motion, with adversarial lances whose ends seemed to regress into swirling infinity. I also remember a period when I used to throw up alot, within a short period of time, which no one seems to remember about nowadays - this is particularly strange as I don't really remember seeing a doctor about it, I remember it happening for quite a while (longer when I was younger) and my family being rather nonchalant. I wonder if they even knew. And I wonder now because of all these things at those events taking on a dream-like quality. That wasn't an affliction with nearly the physical nagging dreariness of chicken pox and its emphasis on the pestilential nature of the body, the infectiousness of it.

Must soon write about my memories regarding watching films during NS.

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