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March 21, 2005

Omnibus, With Lesbians - Go Down - Opera Search

Burr Steers does good work. Apparently he's decided to really embrace the whole of the camp potential they've been going for. Really brought things out of the people - Bette being an ass. He's good. I'm sure I'll never quite get over Igby Goes Down.

I think I've come a bit tired of writing like this, part of me is really starting to think that I need to do some real work and finish something - I'm not going to be that guy who writes short stories - that's just silly like floral curtains.

Opera search is rather fine - it uses Overture, which I'm not sure how to differentiate from yahoo, but the searches aren't identical. Regardless I've decided that I should use it as default, the MSN butterfly isn't *that* pretty. If nothing else, it doesn't seem to include ads at the moment, which is nice - they probably don't expect massive traffic, but the layout is reasonably pretty, and it's by a brand I like, so why not.

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