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March 24, 2005

They're Going to Make Bartlett Vice-President

I'm not saying I'm going to go and watch MASH right this minute, but Alan Alda is good at what he does. But yes, I now know it for a fact that they're going to have the former/sitting president be the nominee for the Vice Presidency, as Clinton teased. It would help the next season in so many ways, most important of which is that Martin Sheen would have carte blanche to recur. It would explain Santos' win, and it would make it easier for all of the cast to stay the same.

Now obviously none of this is true - they wouldn't do it just because it'd cross the line, even for the, in terms of stunt politics - it would rob them of a meaningful debate by the start of next season between the two candidates; which would allow them, again, to dig deep into the ideology of how even at its best, the Republicans are going to get pwn3d by the Democrats. I wonder if they brought Bruno back to prove a point, and whether no one on the regular cast would talk to him.

So yeah, they realised that they need really strong episodes to end out the season, so break's over. Good episode. I hope Mary Louise Parker appears again. Oh, and clarification on nummy status - supposedly Jennifer Connelly is marriagable material and endlessly sweet and heartbreaking, rather than out and out nummy. Though Career Oppurtunities might cause that to be revised.

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