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February 17, 2003

This is pretty much a

This is pretty much a reaction to Cari having gotten my much delayed mail and threatening to read this.

So yes, for whatever reason, I've not been writing the whole time I was in Chicago, which is probably a function of how happy I am there. What annoys me is the fact that I can't seem to equate work with anything other than making myself not so happy. It seems as if the only thing to be said for work is momentum, at least the work I'm currently doing. The fact that the alternative to school work that I envisage as some other form of writing (such as this blog) is not much different isn't encouraging. Of course management could always beckon...

So yes, would much rather talk about watching Roswell, which is really rather pleasant. It's a pity that there's not more Firefly or Enterprise to be had for the moment. Even though I've watched quite a bit of the first season of Roswell, it's still rather comforting watching the series again, sort of like watching Cold Feet again, though Roswell is probably more pleasant for being less pretensious.

Feel good about having bought the Once and Again boxed set, pity that only season one is out, probably look forward most to watching season 3 again. Especially the whole thing with Grace, as well as the whole thing with Eli's sister. The adults are the angsty boring bits in that season. Which reminds me of what is probably my favorite episode of Buffy, "The Yoko Factor". As anyone reading this for a while would have guessed (Hi, Cari) I don't often go into great detail about my rather random comments unless I really feel the need to, which is really dependant on mood and oppurtunity. And the random skipping of my thoughts. More coherent strings of thoughts etc can probably be found much earlier in the "archived" bits near the beginning before I became that bit more boring.

Shall console myself further by watching more Roswell or taking a nap. Just feel the need to put into context the fact that I watch Roswell. I really like teen drama. Hence the obsession with 80's teen movies. Even like a bunch of the more recent stuff, and to be honest, most Sci-Fi is really so targeted with people of teen maturity/intelligence... Except perhaps Firefly, but firstly that's probably not totally true and secondly we'll never really know since Fox cancelled it. I suppose I should recommend Whedonesque which is a website dedicated to Joss Whedon and his writing, even though the site is pretty hardcore, and Joss-boy himself is really a rather limited writer in many ways and really not much of a director.

Looking forward to Buffy radio coming up on Wednesday. Hope the new CNET Radio Direct isn't as crap as it has been the past couple of days. Brian Cooley really isn't as fun as David Coursey, and the talk is far too news-like and paced.

Gradually realising how much nonsense I was talking in my Larsen essay about focalisation. Looks like it's back to the drawing board on that one. Not that the textual analysis was horrible, but the understanding of narrative is just so lacking. Thank god that's not the one I submitted to Chicago. Really must distract self and eventually reply to Cari. Tinkering with her comp sounds like *fun* but Edinburgh is probably that bit too far for random fun acts of kindness. Could consider sending care packages of lovely pirated (and hence free) software... muahaha... ha.

Oh, by the way, I've just moved back to using Zoom Player for video media playback, which is pretty swanky. It's pretty much just a front-end for stuff you could play in WMP, but with lots more customisation available. Haven't tried it with DVD's but it should work like a charm.

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