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December 20, 2005

PSP2006 Blog - Electronics

I've actually snapped up the blog address psp2006.blogspot.com, if anyone is interested in editing it. I could just cede the address to you/add you as a writer etc. I'm really not interested in maintaining it, as I can barely maintain this one. I'd be happy to make periodic submissions though.

I'm wondering since I otherwise travel light, whether it'd be a good idea for me to buy a whole bunch of adaptors for electrical devices. In Singapore the mecca of cheap-ass electronics, it might be nice to bring over a couple. As for ethernet cable, it should be fine to just point people to their local Home Depot - or just bring a bunch from there. I could buy a roll and bring crimpers I suppose...

That said, I've found the most darling retractable ethernet roll-up thing. I'm just worried it won't be long enough.

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