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May 22, 2005

with a kind of cant, obviously

And so this is what feature directors do, they come in and they do what features do best - they find the premise and dig deep. And so basically what they're doing is what Sorkin does in his 2 hour season premieres, but in their own way, with a kind of cant, obviously. They immerse in the mythology, or the diegesis if you will, and distill the things that, so often repeated, or so resonant, they they come to become. I won't say exactly that they do another pilot, as I think I mistakenly said before; what they do is exaggerate, reflex, emphasise, amplify, deft subtle. Often not new - pivotal - but not necessarily new. So that even if important changing things occur, it still is a kind of suspension, a kind of disruption of the flow or tick of the cadence. It's like casting in amber, making it crystal, a kind of refraction.

Though part of the problem, of course, is that in doing this, even though it leads to generally better episodes, it still means that however good the directors and episodes may be, they are unable to transcend the show, its premise, and the limitations of the genre, cast, and feel. Though of course, in the best series, or even in good ones, they can become some of the most effective, sometimes all the more's the pity for the after.

Jorja Fox has ceased to be any kind of attractive. And I wanted him to die - all of them, really. Bastards all. No help or pity, to those less fortunate than ourselves.

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