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June 25, 2003


Just been through a Firefly marathon. I really cannot praise the series enough. It's just the way it stands up to multiple viewing that impresses me to no end. Of course certain portions are a bit affected, but the rest that isn't genuinely moving is just gorram funny. I have no doubt that it's the feelings of loss that accompany it's less than illustrious history that allows it that particular poignancy, but that is special in itself, and worthy of comment. If only the movies are this good. Movies. Plural.

Delwyn and Michel are nice company, and so is Chateau Online. Delwyn I have no doubt I will see again, but thinking of Michel strikes me as a particular kind of redemption. Michel's nice. And above all nice to me, which is nice.

Because, as Firefly is testament to, that sentimentalism is never quite complete without the uproariously hilarious, have a look at this, and wonder. We wish we all had Cheezy Bao.

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