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March 11, 2005

Strangers When We Meet - Whoever You Want Me To Be

I maintain, as I should, differentiation from the things that nominally enforce themselves as similar. That is not this, and my protestations are not anything other than the desire to point out that that I am better than all of you, that I know more, understand more, am more.

I'm starting to think that the reason Sally was moved was because it was originally planned as the end of the 12/13 episode initial run - something surely intrigues me beyond all understanding.

Alicia Coppola: On both Sports Night and 2.5 Men, not to mention Lisa Edelstein as Bobby Bernstein.

The extreme close-ups of Sports Night's DOP?

I'm in clover, for... That's what the end of more self-reflexive OC will do to you - I'm downloading the Jennifer Connelly/John Hughes thing it refers to as we speak.

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