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February 23, 2005

You make an upside down V with your hands.

I don't actually want to write anything, and I'm pretty tired of trying to sound interesting. So yes, bogging fatigue is starting to set in. That, or this is the lull that happening because I've just finished watching the stuff that was already downloaded when I woke up at 3, and I'm waiting for the rest to happen.

House was good, I'm really still quite liking the whole thing with House and Cameron, it's sort of sweet. I'm wondering if anything will impress me like the first bunch of episodes did. I'll get back to you when I get around to watching it in production order. I'm just hoping that the sophmore crap-out doesn't afflict it like it did the OQ.

I've got a number of pending posts which I think I'll just quickly whip up while I'm waiting. Oh, and Broadvoice really does suck - I'm having problems with incoming calls - but I'll say more when I'm pissed off that they don't reply to support e-mails.

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