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July 16, 2004

I'd feel silly putting the title of the film here

Who would have thought that Richard Curtis could write better, more convincing, more sincere, and much gentler swaying political commentary than people would credit Michael Moore with? In so many ways I should be offended by how polemical it might be thought of as - but if nothing else, at least he tries to be complicated despite the insistence towards referencing the puerile and sentimental.

How could those people have trailed the film so badly?

I suppose it's not the thing itself that impresses me - but predictably enough for my understanding of myself - it is the avoidance that seems so heartfelt. It's a film with a very fragile insistence that is brittle despite being soft, and whether they realise it or not, very very hard. I suppose it does what good comedy does, show and then do really good gloss. I'd have to watch it again, but I'd like to think it has that same undercurrent of desperation that comes with all declaration - with all marvelous fictions that gesture towards the impossible.

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