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April 21, 2005

My Deep Regard for Mariah

There's a kind of wonderful intersection of personal narrative and creative action, whose ambivalence I think Mariah relishes. In caricature these are the puppet figures of our play, but the playing exhorts a different kind of enervation. That and I have a kind of squeal-y delight at the soft caress of her work.

Silly people keep saying such nonsense about the euphemism they assume is my regard for her aesthetic - if I wanted totty, that's what porn is for - though even then the romantic regard is far from absent. Though I suppose people are less than wrong in that I can't quite do better than characterise my attraction to her and my participation in her narrative as being "pretty gay".

I've always loved Mariah, with engulf that comes from having been young once, and thinking, and hoping. We Belong Together is absolutely flawless. Video is here. Though I'm sure if you looked you'd be able to find as nice a copy.

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