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March 4, 2005

Who Reads This Crap?

This will be another of those posts that posits the question: who reads this crap? I've been browsing my site stats, and I apparently have up to 217 unique visitors for the first 3 days of this month. Now sure, I obsess and constantly load pages but that would all end up being from my one IP address.

Googlebot and other crawlers fine should generate quite a lot of traffic per IP - but again, all from one IP. Next would be the mufftorrent chatboxed I pretty much spammed (sorry bout that) - some are from my forum posts, no doubt thinking I'm anna paquin. What amazes me is that supposedly about 20% take the action of bookmarking or adding to favorites. Out of 217?

What makes more sense is that the majority end up here for all of 30s or less - these would be the ones who realise I'm not hawking subtitles for Jack and Bobby, Unscripted etc.

I would hope that at least the people who come looking for Broadvoice stuff find what they're looking for. Also I wonder how these stats deal with things like tabbed browsing - would that account the the amount of direct requests - ie with no referrer?

I'm now realising that my long titles aren't perfect for pinning on top, annoying. Well, looks like they didn't turn out too bad. Just in case you can't find pinned posts you saw before, the category (ta-da) is Previously Pinned.

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