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August 28, 2004

Gay Marriage Now

This is dedicated to someone I asked for something from and never really gave her back what she asked for, and I'm a quite a bit apologetic, which is me for sorry.

I think I'd be pretty upset if I looked back on this period of my life and remembered how one of the last great civil-rights conflicts occured and I did nothing more than mew. I'm going to try stowing some of my mitigation and attempt to be as little ambivalent as possible.

My response for a while now, has been (like "bite - me, who's. yo. daddy.") there is nothing to discuss. I am someone who has a great issue with evangelism - but I've also recently reminded myself that hypocrisy is what springs to the minds of people who lack imagination. Not that this is evangelism, but well, the hypocrisy thing sounded good anyway. Which is my roundabout way of saying - there's nothing to discuss.

I remember an extended and rather torturous conversation with Karen about morals - basically, me say morals = bad. But some things are just Right (up till a minute a go, it was Wrong). So - some things are just Right; there is nothing to discuss.

Another time, I said rather in a forceful way that the economic argument is a great one, since it got around rather silly arguments otherwise. Perhaps I want to say that because I want to be too Post-so many things, or I'm just in a place where aspiration and ideals are crushingly not encouraged. Regardless, money is a good reason, and one that can't be argued against except by people who want to protest globalization.

In many ways, I'm in two minds about any number of things, paternalistic single party states being one of them. With that in mind, I say this: if you have a bully pulpit, use it. Use it not for paltry things, don't be mealy mouthed about genuinely good policies *perhaps* disenfranchising groups of people - but above all, use it for things that are Right. Things that are Right are just that, Right. Republics were formed at least in part to protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority. If it's Right, it's Right.

I sometimes talk about the End of Satire - and I say it in the face of the entirely insensible. Do a search on this site for that phrase and you'll see how this links with free trade and the perception of self.

Some people (who are being repressed) say things to me like they don't need to get married, it's not something they're interested in, that all this is just unwanted attention making people backlash. I know this won't make me anybody's darling, and things will never be Right Right in my lifetime or the next - but it makes me angry and makes me want to do something about it whether they want it or not. I'm curmudgeonly in my own way and I speak like the I/eye of Empire, which translates in to all too earnestly; but like I said, things may never be Right. I wonder whether I really should be comforted by Derrida saying that the process of assimilating the Other is always necessarily a process.

I don't know if I've really changed my mind, but it's probably best that some things just remain Right, though somewhere I really believe some things are just Wrong. As for the lives people live, that's none of anybody's business - except the gossips like me. The act of Being is Being - but only when that Being is not shrouded, not hidden, not In or Out.

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