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February 1, 2003

I suppose I'm still reeling

I suppose I'm still reeling a bit from the whole CNET radio closure thing. I think what one of the analysts said was true, that another voice in the industry has been silenced. I suppose it makes me reconsider what I suppose can be rather puerile ideals of economic efficiency in people losing jobs, especially when it happens to people you know and it affects you. Even if they're many miles away and people over the radio. I had just been reacting the day before to David Coursey saying that all the outsourcing to foreign countries of technology jobs was something that could be contained by tariffs. I suppose unlike myself, he reacted both out of a recognition of what was happening to himself, what was happening to his colleagues, and what was happening to his industry and the friends he has in that industry. Who can say to someone like that, and other people in that position, as they did in Shooting the Past, that they no longer make economic sense? And yet even Poliakoff seemed to recognise the inevitability of it, that the desperation and the search for redemptive action and behaviour has a certain primacy and is in a sense so fundamental to that experience of change. Again another document of the moment of flux, of change, of the movement from one frame of perception to another.

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