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March 11, 2005

How Much Do You Love Me

And so I've succumbed to watching Sports Night again - and not skipping straight to Pixley for Megan Ward. I think it was discovering that the episodes aired out of sequence, and that I now have the chance to correct that egregious error. I'm starting with Mary Pat Shelby because Su-lin already had a disc of the first 4 episodes. Sabrina Lloyd looks so fresh faced and pixie-like compared to Numb3rs. I think I've never quite realised how good Thomas Schlamme actually is, and how adventurous he can be. How did Felicity Huffman move to such crap from this. It's like when the camera pulls out, it quivers with a kind of uncertainty, as if it could topple over at any moment, ducking and weaving.

So now it occurs to me, remembering that Josh Schwartz was in Dead Poet's Society, that he's on the show at least in part because he's able to convincingly play being in crisis. Troubled and riddled with doubt.

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