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January 23, 2003

It's gotten to the point

It's gotten to the point where I don't actually remember everything I thought I could put into my blog anymore, which I think is probably the natural thing. Highlight of the evening was probably talking to Terry, one of the English housemates I have. Spent about 2 hours talking to him about computers, software, exciting things like that. It's like talking to Michel, which is something that could be nice to pass the time with every now and then. Wonder if Michel's got his lovely new powerbook yet. Edel actually popped her head in to my room (which doesn't happen often) earlier, to ask about what we'd be doing over Chinese New Year since the bunch of them are going over to Lewis' place in Manchester. Apparently Yeen Nie's decided that the CNY Singsoc thing might not happen. After talking to Terry promptly went to Delwyn's room to convince Dion to play cards, which wasn't going to happen, and joined Delwyn for what has been the daily imbibing of Grolsh the past couple of days. Must say I feel better after it, and it really is the case that if I didn't drink just a bit, I'd probably start smoking again. Hiaw Khim's telling me about her nice Madeira cake right now. Lovely.

Just remembered about Sulin last year, when I sat in the kitchen and watched her bake a cake on my birthday thinking to myself, "oh sulin like to bake cakes, lets sit and keep her company", totally oblivious to it being my birthday. Sulin's nice. Will probably be seeing her over the weekend, cuz the guys want to go and register for their driving and things.

Starting to realise how difficult this could be if I decided to be really serious about it being me trying to "write". Will have to see how it goes, don't really know how satisfying it will be just writing things down that have happened. Hope to give a nice glowing review of Supergrass tomorrow. Hope the opening act isn't too rubbish. Still haven't cleared up my room, will have to make that more of a priority tomorrow, now that I'm not feeling so shit, and hopefully go and buy my plane tickets as well. Don't know if I should go and see Hiaw Khim over reading week. Big parts of me are saying yes. I'll probably have to ask for money then. Again, we'll see.

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