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June 19, 2003


I've put up a little image page, with a couple pictures of Anna Paquin, just because I had them on my hard-disk, and I wanted to test out putting up images, and automating it through ThumbsPlus, which is okay, but probably not the best way of doing it. Suggestions would be welcome.

I won't update my navigation bar or anything until I make sure I want to put these things up. What it'll probably become is a collection of wallpapers that I've resized and rather like.

Unfortunately the pictures are arranged using tables, I'll have to find out how to do it using CSS, which I suppose is another reason why I'm not going live with it too prominently. Basically if your screen's too small the right column overlaps, and there's wasted space since the tables are a bit rigid. Well that and the fact that the images aren't mine and I've not acknowledged the sites I got them from.

Also it's not really meant to be an Anna Paquin picture page by any means... I'll have to update my links page with references to Anna Paquin, Katherine Heigl etc. pages...

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