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June 19, 2003

Su-Lin's Blog

May I recommend to you the blog of the esteemable Sulin, to be found here. (Sulin, did you get my ICQ messages about your new template?)

I'm sure Sulin will be ever so cross, but I just have to speculate as to the nature of her blog's Title: Fitzie's Arms. I surmised that it was probably a rather ironic reference to Fitzie's distinct lack of arms, but Su-Lin assures me otherwise. The real reason for the name is somewhat more pedestrian :P.

Just at this moment Sulin's blog is having issues with templates. Or to be more exact, I'm having issues with her templates - Su-Lin, dear, background images fuck the hell up this wonderful thing called smooth scrolling and are the work of the devil and the bane of the internet (well them and spam, pop-ups, animated gifs, embedded sound files, flash, and any browser other than Opera).

Posted by subtitles at June 19, 2003 3:21 PM | Personal