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April 30, 2005

Optool 2.1 Ready For Testing "In A Week or So"

Martin Larsen, the creator of Optool, sent out this e-mail as a teaser to beta testers:

Dear Optool Testers,

In only a week or so Optool 2.1 is ready for testing. There are new features, lots of improvements and bug fixes in this version.

For example, you can now invoke Optool by a so called "long right click"
in the browsers, which almost seemlessly integrates Optool with the browsers.

You can also close the original window before opening the new by pressing the Control key when selecting the target browser. Or you can optionally make Optool always close the original browser if you like that. Another option is to open the new window with the same position and same size as the original.

In 2.1 you can add as many window sizes as you like for the resize window feature.

Optool's ability to close other browsers etc. is augmented and the algorithm improved.

There are more new features and improvements, but I will make a full list when I mail the program for testing!

Since you are used to testing Optool and have contributed with many important bug reports and suggestions in the past, I would appreciate your feedback this time also. But of course, if you don't have the time or interest anymore, please tell me and I will remove you from the list of testers.

Best regards,
Martin Larsen

I've been a loyal Optool user for years now, and I use it on an hourly, much less daily basis. If you haven't tried it, it's an essential browser tool that lets you seamlessly switch from one browser to another. Martin Larsen deserves a fucking medal, especially since his program has been a staple of the Opera user's arsenal for as long as it has.

As the mail says, the new version will be mailed to beta testers. I'll ask if it's okay to release it to a people at MyOpera if it's stable enough, but I will respect his wishes if he wants to keep this close to his chest for the time being.

If you have any suggestions for the program, there's an e-mail link on Martin's site - or you can comment, and I'll pass the suggestions along.

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