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March 3, 2005

And so of course

Lana Parilla being very fetching in a baseball getup. Lam is not exclusively a Vietnamese name now is it - the silly buggers.

What's up with the pissing down outside?

And so of course Boomtown would stumble on the whorey chestnut of people acting out their private traumas as self-righteousness. You wonder if the american experience, as it's so popularly displayed, precludes the idea of conviction. They can embrace religion but belief is too big a leap? It really must be incredibly insulting to presume that people act and react so solely out of damage and definitive definition, that the broad choke of existence must lack any slat of self-awareness - "what is this really about".

Neil McDonough is so awful it's not true. Kelly Rowan at least gets to do better drama than she does on the OQ.

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