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March 7, 2005

Lone Quest for the Grail Wolf - 23

And so waking up and thinking of Lone Wolf. Perhaps there was something cosmic in moving from 1 to 350. I was dreaming that as Lone Wolf, I was telling my army that the only way to spread things round here was by decree and I was enjoining them not to more or less make porn in a particular place. Apparently though it was good for morale, it just wasn't quite right. I wonder if they ever considered making series with Kai Ladies - though that doesn't sound quite as cool as Kai Lords, to be sure. I wonder if it was subject to the same predjudices that JK Rowling described. Perhaps the first draft was Hermione. Am trying muster up to write about the pie place. Am now thinking about Grail Quest, and that one where you kept ending up at 23 or whatever. I should really try and get access to those. Lone Wold always seemed like a particularly visceral occasion of fantasy, more oozy and drippy to be sure. The blondeness of it is probably a bit disturbing now though. And yes, they never really showed you that much of a portrait of yourself - self-actuation then. Am starting to miss Boomtown. I never quite remembered to mention that is was And Jason Gedrick, which was pretty cool. I really need to shower.

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