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March 8, 2005

Hack Me

Of all the advertising I get, I think I like the political advertising best. If I see another ad for boggling paraphenalia, I'm going to boggle *you*. I'm also wondering if I should get rid of at least one of the lower banners on the individual page - I'm wondering if it makes it less likely than it already is that people discover the comments. I resolve that the next time I fix code, I'm getting rid of the ring tones. Directory still needs to be done, and I get the feeling I should concentrate more on the google ads and less on the amazon links. The amazon stuff is probably more useful through the customised files I make.

I get the feeling that it's not so much my ads being more effective, but more that my friends now understand the nature of them and are doing me a favour - am I wrong? Or are they just paying more attention?

The LiveMessage updates are sort of fun - though the frames annoy the fuck out of me. A lot of these services have a bunch of customisation options, but I really wonder if I can be bothered to pretty them up unless specifically requested. I wonder when I'll capitulate and start using all Feedburner all the time - I take Rice's point that it's probably good to have stats for your feeds to help track traffic/subscriptions for advertisers - but, well, I'll burn the bridge when I get to it, as I always say.

But getting back to the politics thing, it really does encourage me to write more about politics - such an interesting phenomenon, capitalism, in how it directs so subtly our responses. Or some such.

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