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April 4, 2003

This is taken from a

This is taken from a reply to one of Allison's e-mails:

There's a reason why I don't write about who I'm with - it's one of the Rules. That's not one of the things I want people to have access to simply because as I'm sure you know, what happens between two people is always special, always unique, and always misinterpreted - even if (or especially if) you are the one doing the representing. People judge other people's relationships first with less kindness than they do their own and second with only a fraction of the understanding that's required to actually be in that relationship - I know this because I'm guilty of it. Knowing about these things is an imposition - on both sides, because of unfair judgement, and because it causes unfair judgement. Hence taboo subject - I allude to her, her name is Hiaw Khim, but I don't talk about her and I don't talk about us. The only way people would know about her in relation to me is if they met us, not because I told someone about us. But if it clears things up, she's a big reason why Chicago is a happy place - because she's here. And she is always on my mind, but only implicitly in my writing - I might express her opinions or her observations, but they come out as mine, because those thoughts become mine.


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