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March 23, 2005

The Way I'm Most Comfortable With

So yes, the Andorians are really cute, and having watched one of the few Enterprise episodes that I unreservedly like, I must say they are one of creations of the series that I think entirely successful. I'm sure the episode wouldn't be quite as resonant if you didn't watch the one about P'Jem first, but I remember this episode serving well, even when I first watched it. It makes me think it might actually be worth it to watch the Andorian episode in season 3, even though that's the season that quality forgot. I can't quite explain why I'm watching early seasons of Enterprise when I could be watching say the Shameless that I haven't yet, or even Spaced or My Life in Film again. Perhaps I find the simplicity of their guile-less representations comforting. I wonder whether the misdirection, or lack of, in the Stigma epsisode, is an alienating part of their insidious liberal agenda.

Speaking of which, Daily Show's been good the past few days, I think they respond well to crap being hefted. I'm sure you realise I just can't bring myself to respond to certain kinds of crap when it gets saturated, my previous post to this one covers at least one of the pertinent events in the way I'm most comfortable with. I don't know if it was Billy Campbell listening to Debaser that set it off, but I've been cramping up my hand trying to get down Here Comes Your Man and Headache.

I can't help but say that Enterprise isn't very good, even though I like it enough to watch it - and it'd help if my season 2 rips were worth a damn - this must have been back in the day when FOV and SFM were still ripping in analog - yikes. The Daily Show, and House for that matter, was good for my rage. I promise, I really will fuck them up.

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