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March 11, 2005

Sermons in Stones, Books in the Running Brooks

I suppose I'm getting a little disillusioned with Adsense - there seem to be a whole bunch of other smaller players getting into the market - I wonder what they compete on. Basically my problem is that the ads they serve aren't exactly that relevant, and not surprisingly, because I have so much new content, it doesn't tend to show relevant ads straight away. And the empty banners are always a bit annoying. Though now that I think about it, a lot of things use adsense but mask it - the other players tend to be those annoying smart-tag-like idiots.

So I'm a little obsessed. I've also pinned the UK DVDs to the bottom of the page, though I'm sure most of the clicks I attribute to my phantom audience were probably mine. To be honest I'm sure I'm a bit happy that people (by which I mean random people) aren't reading this, because gauging by what people are writing on these things, that's not company I want to keep. My delusional mind views this more as me being responsible and maintaining at least some form of historical record.

Oh and despite the fact that I found the W3Schools guide to XHTML totally useless, I'm still proud of the fact that at least I'm not a pansy and am able to set dynamic widths on my pages - people who stick to the assumption of 800x600 are just lazy. I'm not saying you don't test at that resolution, because you should, but as evidenced, some people think 1600 is a good idea, so there's the future waving the ride.

Bite the bullet baby, bite the bullet.

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