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February 28, 2005

They Purposely Named it 'Lap Dance' Didn't They? - My Full Meaning

Mia Kirshner really is rather lovely, and does certain things pretty well, but really, you have to wonder if she chooses the simpery pretentious roles or they choose her. It's probably not a surprise I'd probably like her best as she was in 24, but that's a bit wrong. But Sarah Bernhard's probably very right in complaining about how annoying she is - I think she was on Graham Norton at the time.

But I guess this season answers my question about lesbian camp then. Sarah Bernhard seems to just have been given a silly role. This is probably the first writing montage sequence that hasn't had be hurling. Wouldn't everyone want to be as pretty and vulnerable as Mia Kirshner?

Laurel Holloman still looks good acting pregnant. So this must be what Michael Holden wass doing while Battlestar was on hiatus. This is me having resolved to wait till the end of an episode before I post. I can't believe that they are doing a rotating table perspective shot - self-stabbing ensues. But it's not bad drama by any means. Oh well, at least Lap Dance is an apt enough title.

Damn, looks like I'm going to have to keep watching this season. Very sweet.

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