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May 4, 2005

Welcome The Fruits of Victory. (Yes, I'm Saying You're a Fruit)

I had been typing another version of this post, but Opera crashed, which pissed me off, but I'll give it another go. It crashed doing the horrendous task of opening the forum's PM page from Outlook, but whatever.

I don't just write about Opera. I started writing to be something of a diarist, in the most literary sense possible, and me being a writer, that's probably a good thing. Obviously I'll keep writing about Opera, but more indirectly, like posting on other boggler's posts etc. now that I've decided I've got nothing to prove.

I used to write most recently about Television, which I watch obsessively. I had most recently been watching Deadwood, which had been sabotaged on Bittorrent, so that it took forever, and then just finished watching Blind Justice, which is getting better and better. I think watching Murder One's pilot recently helps my patience with Steven Bochco.

I also write as much as I can about P2P, which invites the question how much do I want to get sued. I started putting advertising on my site so that the people who keep finding me on google while they're looking for subtitles for TV shows (who basically, are probably idiots) can help pay the bills. If you want to read this without the ads, I recommend Proxomitron.

I'm hoping that Opera take a close look at my suggestions for Opera Blogs, because I think it's in their best interest to let their evangelists (ie: us) do what we do best, and do it prominently.

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