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April 11, 2005

PopWorld - Concrete Cow - Miquita Oliver

I'm sure I appreciate PopWorld too much. Miquita I'm sure I find alluring in that very totty way. I really need to find a game that's worth playing. Tarty Doris.com has a bunch of pictures of Miquita. Very shapely thighs, is what I'm saying. Very flattering top here. A good example of how attractive heft can be. Overall I must say it's my favorite pop show on UK tv - they do much better live performances, even if they do rely that much on the washed out look; and they do nice nonsense interviews. Fun Shirley and Bjork.

I realise they (not Popworld) like to use the word cack - presumably since they can't say shit. But Concrete Cow is really rather good - especially with the very fine players from Smoking Room/Peepshow. I got it off UKNova - I find the idea of linking there a bit Pyrrhic, since unless you have a user account, you're up the creek; and if you did, you should understand what the search function is for, and be actively using their really rather innovative RSS feed.

And by the way, a bunch of definitions of G - as in, I assume, 'you ain't no G'.

Edit: It should surprise no one that this post is suddenly very high in the search results for the phrase "miquita oliver" - it's the most searched for unique phrase in my stats, and I'm on the first page of results for Yahoo. But if you want pictures, I recommend Tarty Doris from above, and if you want to download PopWorld to ogle, you'll have to get to UKNova when they're open for new members, otherwise you're out of luck.

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