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February 3, 2003

So not only have I

So not only have I been a bit of a raw nerve the past couple of days, today, going out to get my seminar readings was a particularly Lost Highway moment. Night-time with sort of humming burnished skies, peculiar; and having to walk through all that mud in more or less sleeping attire with a coat; turning back and going round. There are still times when wandering round Spring Lane is still some freaky/spooky shit.

Not yet sleeping, didn't tell my parents I was flying off, wonder if my overdraft will be okay. Sort of worried about my result coming out tomorrow, won't really feel the anxiety again till later I think. Have to make a list of what to do tomorrow. Check for rest of readings. Return Bordwell. Get NUS card and bring proof of student status. Buy/collect tickets. Do laundry. Photocopy Kureishi article. Pack Sight and Sound and Lost Prince.

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