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February 26, 2005

Groupies, Heather Locklear, Amy Adams

I'm sure I've mentioned before that an inordinate number of people who appear on the Bachelor/Bachelorette just *happen* to be in pharmaceutical sales, and also happen to be, I think the term is, smokin' hotties. Tina Fabulous for example.

This brought on, by the way, by Heather Locklear's appearance on Scrubs as a rep. Charming.

Smoochy smoochy - the groupies sleep with the roadies to get to Mick, as Hugh Laurie might opine.

Me and *sexy* titles.

Nurse Practitioner reminds me of Dr. Vegas, and the lovely Amy Adams. I'm even happy the rest of the episodes never aired, because the had already squeezed her out. Which by the way is the name of an interwebspite. It's nice to see her in an expanded role, even though I really like her in 20 Hours in America.

Scrubs makes me miss Counting Crows.

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