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February 26, 2003

Just uninstalled Norton Antivirus and

Just uninstalled Norton Antivirus and installed Pc-cillin 2003. Surprised by the gain in responsiveness, rather impressed. Worried about the efficacy of the firewall though since it doesn't work by asking for permission by each program, rather is simply screens out known trojans etc. Suppose it's fine, I've never been particularly picky about what's running, even the Real stuff - if I install it, I don't mind giving it access.

Essay is shaping up, but feel the need for small respite, and I'm still waiting for Richard to reply. I suppose my ideas have moved on a bit to include broader ideas about reading - suppose I should read Hernstein Smith again. Might be going out again later to pick up reading for next week. Feel like using the quote from Third Man as the epigraph for my Norse essay. Wonder if Richard remembers me from previous lectures.

Norah Jones isn't quite that evil, it's just the fact that she's so hyped that makes her seem a bit annoying.

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