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March 2, 2005

Heather Graham's Back on Scrubs!!!

Scrubs is so much more convincing now, with a deeper sense of sincerity, a more eloquent unfolding of feeling - the montage of JD and Kylie was pretty fantastic I thought, which is unexpected for me.They've really worked out the form well, and been unashamed to stick to it. Obviously they know this, but they're probably more like a conventional sitcom than anyone would think. I'm still liking what I wrote about the broadcast of music and TV, and I'm reminded of it again.

Heather Graham's lovely, and seems endlessly willing to get her kit off, which is always appreciated. That and she can be hilarious just by standing there and reacting. She looks luscious in a very "I'm pregnant" fashion, but that might just be me. Though the way she looked really did remind of Mary Louise Parker in 5th season West Wing.

The episode being directed by Zach Braf now makes me think perhaps I could watch his film. Though there really is so much room for the writing to go tits up. Janitor is pretty good as well in the episode, and I like the whole thing with Blonde Doctor. The whole Fugitive thing was pretty funny back then.

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