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February 19, 2005


Louis was being nothing but accurate in thinking that opening that bottle of wine would mean he'd be drinking most of it. I'm not sure if it's just a Bordeaux thing, but the hangover from even that isn't bad by any means.

My blog's pretty :). The post editing page as well is really rather pleasing. Again the flit of wondering about comments, but the lack of them and the passing nature of them would really get me down. It really brings out the rather unattractive side of Louis, being that kind of needy.

But yes, I suspect that 2000 Bordeaux doesn't really agree with me, either that or my tastes have changed a bit. I'll see if the other bottle's any good. Still nicer than beer, I must say. I think if I had gotten the 6-pack of Corona that would have been a bit much. Stella, Becks, Guiness and Corona seems a broad enough spectrum to me. Should get a few more of the Becks Dark though.

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