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January 23, 2003

Don't know how happy I

Don't know how happy I am about the fact that (now that I've figured it out) the entries will be chronological, but only within the day, so people who jump in in the middle will read the latest day, not from the beginning. I suppose I might shop around, but then I'd have to move stuff, which would suck.

It's one of those times again, when it's late, I should try to go to sleep, but I'm just not in the mood to sleep. Listening to CNET radio, specifically David Coursey's Anchordesk show, which is really quite an entertaining (to me) radio show about technology. It's basically just nice to have some kind of media playing in the background. At least I can listen while I browse or type. Can't really use it in Opera without jumping through some hoops, but with Optool, I can switch back and forth quite seamlessly. It's the same thing with BuffyRadio, which is really quite entertaining as an hour-long radio show that comments on the world of Buffy. The presenters are pretty fun people, particularly the enthusiastic female Buffy fan "Estro-Jen".

In general, online content can actually quite engaging, I'm just remembering the recent Macworld Keynote by Steve Jobs being a rather exciting event, when people talk about that guy's "reality distortion field" I know exactly what they mean.

Starting to drop off, and being quite distracted by David Coursey, but the show's just ended, so I wonder if I'll be in the mood to write more.

Oh I suppose I should mention that last night it struck me watching "Breakfast Club" again (which I do periodically) that it's the originator, I pretty certain, of a number of references from Matt Groening cartoons. These seem to be centered around Judd Nelson's character, who tells off the detention teacher with the classic Bart phrase "eat my shorts", and who that teacher repeatedly referes to as Bender. Freaky huh? Teen movies are a particular obsession of mine, particularly from the 80's but including a number from the late 90's as well. John Hughes would be the locus for quite a bit of these obviously, though I probably would point to Fast Times At Ridgemont High as being top of the pile. Molly Ringwald has a particular charisma though, not to mention Ally Sheedy. Favorite performer (in this context at least) would have to be Andrew McCarthy. Probably all began back in Holland when I'd watch whatever was on late into the night when I wasn't going to school, and just remember being very moved by the sentiments of these rather earnest dramas. It's a bad word, but there's a certain charm about them that never quite escapes me.

I must say though, that having a real auteur handle sentimental material puts it in a whole different league, thinking about Lynch's "The Straight Story". Who'd ever have thought he'd direct something for disney? Handled with a particular irony and humour that never detracted from the emotional effect of the story. I suppose it's the same with Poliakoff. Have to agree with Hiaw Khim's lecturer, that that portion of Shooting the Past is probably in 20 minutes, magnitudes more effective a presentation of the holocaust then the entirety of Schindler's List. And the way this guy handles stories is just beyond belief.

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