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February 1, 2003

Oh yeah, I suppose I

Oh yeah, I suppose I should mention that CNET radio's gone belly up, which is rather upsetting. I suppose they were right not to drag out the fact that they knew it was all ending, but it was quite a shock, there suddenly being a "final" Anchordesk on the Air. David Coursey's rather readable columns can be found at Anchordesk. It's not even that he's that good, other than being, as I said, readable, he was just very personable on the radio and handled the format well, which has more to do with it I think. It was never that you got that much hard news or biting commentary from his show, it was more like a leisurely cogitation on things that were happening, really part of the process of digesting information, having people react to it. And it was a good thing to listen to as you were falling asleep to. Which for me does not necessarily mean anything bad at all. Used to listen to all my new albums, especially the ones I liked, by falling asleep to them. Particularly so with Mariah, with the first and second albums, keeping Tony awake.

I don't know why I can't seem to write more than a paragraph without moving on to another topic. As it is I tend to just change tack in the middle of the paragraph, I wonder whether I'm leaving something out, or whether that's all I really want to say, that saying too much just isn't quite right. I suppose there's something of Borges' pith that strikes me as very ripe for emulation. I say it's really so telling that I still think quite well of Judith Woolf despite her being rather stand-offish. I'm really doomed to admire people who treat me like shit. Motherfuckers.

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