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April 13, 2005

I Heart House - that strange confluence of events

Chase downing the wine was pretty genius. And was squealing all the way through the Cameron bits. I can't get over how much I like the series, how this story arc in particular seems to have been infused with a sense of urgency and direction.

In that strange confluence of events, this episode had Missy Crider, who is Sharon Rooney from Murder One, but also was in Girls In Prison, which I watched because of Ione Skye appearing in Arrested Development. Girls in Prison is very much what convinced me of the queer genre in this stilted style is how it styles itself - along with Psycho Beach Party. PBP I now realise is very much a plot rip/homage of Gidget, which I was watching because of Beyond the Sea. Sandra Dee is remarkably like both Kate Bosworth and Lauren Ambrose. Lauren Ambrose in particular seems the red-headed self actualisation of the being-Dee. Remarkably salacious film for that era of "innocense".

Of course like all aetiological narratives, the attractive bits are rounded off by the return to order, or how the lady got her skirts or whatever. The whole confluence of narratives is particularly appealing to me - I think Girls in Prison stands out, if only for the very Lynch-esque song and Missy Crider's similarly-esque singing (speaking of which she was in Mulholland Drive). You already know about me and House, Gidget is something of a revelation, though probably mostly so because of the antecedents. Nice to see Missy Crider getting work.

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