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March 31, 2003

Apparently people are finding my

Apparently people are finding my site at random nowadays, some guy from france (hello Mr.Bryce), a nutty fucker basically, told me he found it searching for subtitles and buffy. I'm no. 6 on Google searching for subtitles and Louis. Woo Hoo. Watching what is really a pretty shit new WB series called Black Sash. I suppose it's interesting since the main star is a the older Chinese guy which is a change, though they managed to get me to watch it by trailing it with young pretty women, with nary a mention of the main storyline.

E-Donkey's annoying me, since it's pretty slow and doesn't seem to understand the idea of queues. I suppose it is pre 1.0, but it's still pretty annoying.

Bored now.

Nothing's on TV except second rate films and half assed series, mostly repeats. Enjoying ads the most at the moment, just saw the Sprint PCS one with the teenage girls having a drop down all out bitch fight over their shared mobile. Very Fight Club, very funny. The lack of heating isn't so bad at the minute, but has the great potential of pissing me off. Been craving large hunks of meat recently, might succumb to a steak-burger soon, just because I can. Suppose fish-cakes isn't too bad. Wish I could start building my new system now.

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