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April 4, 2005

Grey's Anatomy - Oh Fuck Me.

Okay, to be fair, I really like Katherine Heigl, she's just so much more expressive and attractive than the rest of the cast - and funny guy similarly has a lot of potential. But oh my fucking god the fucking drama. At least the first part of the pilot was funny. I was already going to say, that having watched Scrubs season 2 again, that the medical drama side of things, the specifics of this fictionalised diegesis of medicine - as much as hobbits and Jedi - can so easily end up being a self-diddling indulgence. As if masturbation isn't repetitive enough.

The problem with Grey's is that fine, it also tries to move beyond the medical (/fantastic), but that portion of it really isn't any good either. Compound that with the dreadful drama and politics of cine, and you get me stabbing myself like it's fun. And so much of the cast are annoying as fuck - especially the main character. Casting directors or whoever, invest far too much worth in "interesting" looking people. It's the disease of peroxo-boy and what made me underestimate Rena Sofer.

It's so telling that the most fun bit was probably funny guy and Katherine Heigl getting their rejoice on. And the non-core cast of drama are really very bored now. Oh and the writing is positively dreadful - what would be really scary is if whoever wrote it actually thought it was sincere, and if it is, oh my the scary. I'm a writer now, I get to say it - they should be shot. I'm not saying I'm going to stop watching it, but they're going to have to seriously shape up, and find some way to make it as much about surgery as Charlies Angels was about Law Enforcement.

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