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August 16, 2003

Mom-Proof Opera Guide

I've decided that I must start on my Switcher's guide to Opera/Gentle Day to day tips for Opera Migration. I'm aware of but have not read a similar guide called 30 Days to becoming an Opera-Lover, and I suppose this is quite similar, thought that was specific to Opera 6.

This is meant to be a very gradual guide that gives suggestions and helpful info that anyone can follow - I'm writing this with my Mom in mind - if she can do it, all of you people should be able to.

This was meant to be the Day 0 post, just to get some things out of the way, a kind of preamble if you will. Most of this will probably end up with proper formating on my Opera Fanboy Site.

Posted by subtitles at August 16, 2003 3:05 PM | Opera Guide