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April 11, 2005

Grey's Anatomy - Masturbation is usually done alone for a reason - L-Chunky

And so Grey's Anatomy can actually be better, I assume once they get a bit further away from the stilted fuckers who actually concieved the series - much like Dead Like Me, which I think back on fondly now it's gone. Aptly because Mason appears in the episode, looking skeezier(?) than usual. But why oh why why why, does it have to resolve in such a trite, achingly middle-brow, "emotionally instructive" and upbeat manner? Masturbation is usually done alone for a reason.

And why did they have to make the pretty blonde one the most sentimental chest clasping one? Such a waste of Katherine Heigl doing well. Sandra Oh is doing better with me though. Many many signs pointing to how it might get better, especially them moving in to the house, probably the most enjoyable portion of the episode. I just hope it doesn't take on too much from its lead-in. Apparently Boston Legal got elbowed in favour of further pimping the series. The will-they won't they thing isn't awful, neither was Mason planting one.

L Word was pretty sweet this week, and Jenny looks better in the short hair, brings out the shape of her face - which is my way of saying it makes her look chunkier - in the good way.

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