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March 13, 2005

Dan and Casey's Dance Fever

Two speeches, tempting fate on Sports Night, but for the moon landings, no spit. I love Never Mind the Buzzcocks. Again, UKNova is the bomb and while I suppose it'd be nice to have more, or a longer half-life via ed2k, it's great that they have it at all. I wonder if they do Nigella.

Apparently a new season of Family Business has started, it's not exactly classic, but fun enough for a single viewing. I'm listening to Mark Lamarr on BBC radio now, it should be fun.

Numb3rs is becoming increasingly background viewing - more will they won't they drama with entrance of old girlfriend - they must teach a course in TV storylines 101 somewhere. Somehow they make Sabrina Lloyd look less diminutive, but she seems to have gained gravitas with age.

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