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March 9, 2005

Blog Explosion

Believe it or not this was the least annoying banner I could find of theirs.

So they pay you to read other people's bogs - by making other people read yours. Fun huh? So not the fun kind of payment. Anyway, if you sign up by clicking on the banner (or the button), or even this link, I get part of the fruits of your labour. I was even conscientious enough to do the same for the guy who commented on my post - which is how this whole pyramid thing works, in case you were wondering.

It's pretty painful trying to do it with 8x6, and really it's pretty painful regardless because of the frames. I'll have to see how's best to scam it - it'll be better than obsessing about my ads. Though now my pagess seem a bit empty when I see one with proxo and can't see the banner ad.

But yes, if bog-smurfing is your thing (it's not mine), and also an attention whore/slut (like me, though I'm not sure which is more appropriate - hence the /) - then this is just the drive-by colonoscopy you were looking for all your life.

I'm really loving the LiveMessage Alerts by the way - very prompt and effective - though I think you have to be slightly less aggressive with your ad patching if you want the alerts to show up in your contact list.

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